About Us

At MOTS Tutoring Company, it is our goal to give a holistic approach to imparting knowledge to those students who are at high school and university, and help them in attaining the skills that are necessary in succeeding in today’s world.

Our main focus is Mathematical and Science related subjects, at high school level and Mathematics, Finance and Science related subjects at university. The MOTS Tutoring Company tutors are qualified and have the necessary tutoring experience that will enable the student to understand the material better. Our aim is not to only improve your grades, but to also help you fully understand the material at hand.

The MOTS Tutoring Company first opened it’s doors in January 2015 and is now operational in high schools in the Johannesburg area  and in assisting students who study at Wits and the University of Johannesburg. We fully comprehend the anxiety felt as a student battles at school or university, and  we aim to aid students in building their  understanding of the subject matter, and hence helping them improve their confidence.

At MOTS Tutoring Company we  strongly believe in the value of an excellent education. Although obtaining this in South Africa can be a challenge, we look to supplement a students learning during their school and university years to form a solid foundation on which to build a successful and fruitful career in the filed of their choice.

We look forward to interacting with you as we help you unlock your academic potential!


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