MOTIVATION: Inspiration For Your Studies

Think Positive
Sure, you may have heard most saying that ‘’ this thing is impossible to attain”. What’s disappointing is that this phrase is becoming a popular song amongst our fellow peers. What we all fail to depict is that no man ever attained eminent success simply by doing what’s required of him, in essence it’s the magnitude of doing over and above what’s required of him that determines the greatness of his ultimate distinction.

You may see an expensive Range Rover and say “I wish that one day I could drive that car”. This is where you must start to correct yourself, dream while others wish. Own it in your imagination, drive it with your soul, handle it with your mind, and love it wholeheartedly. Do this everyday and you will thank me a decade later. The same goes for academics, don’t plough a field simply by turning it in your mind, go to your learning institution with a mindset of attaining the best than what the best of the best could get to, visualise distinctions, draft your results long before they come out, you won’t be surprised of your results because you were the architect of your own destiny, the teachers or lectures are there just to confirm the plan you drafted, they are not there to hold your hand and to draft it for you. You’ll be surprised what the mind can do, the things we achieve are solely what the mind perceives it deserves to get. Tell yourself that a billion dollars is wealth but it’s a weak correspond to your worth.

Now moving along, Isn’t that God gives every bird a worm but he doesn’t throw it into the nest, the bird must go and hunt for it ,so be the earliest bird to arrive and the last to leave in order to stand a better chance of catching the fattest worm. Imagine this for a while, while you were young everything was always done for you but as you grew older you started to become independent and dependent on yourself. We humans are just like birds, a young bird is also taken care of but as it grows older its mother leaves it. It’s either the bird chooses to call this an abandonment or a survival test. The bird will go out there and begin to make its mark but eventually it will get the hang of living solely on its own, but then note that the bird will have to be extra careful because there are predators out there and lots of synthetic traps,. Hence one wrong mistake or, let me rather call it a move because do you agree with me when I say that an ordeal is considered to be a mistake once a move has already been made? Check mate……… now as I was saying that if the bird slips up it would cost itself the opportunity to fly without limits. Reverting to the context of life, this translates to that life will test you with many challenges in more than one occasion especially once you are out of the care of your parents, living at university for instance. But deep down I always know that life throws what it knows you can catch. The moves you make and the steps you take will determine whether you become a bird that flies without limits or whether you become the bird that a later stage becomes trapped and confined in a cage mainly due to peer pressure. Live your life and work hard at pleasing yourself than others.

The road to success has never been a smooth sail but I want you to take a moment and ask yourself that where would SA be if a person like Nelson Mandela had given up on fighting for democracy….He once said that anything seems impossible until it is actually done….And he continued by saying that “after climbing many hills, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”. In essence, the journeys that we walk will tend to be bumpy at times, but never should we give up.

Failure is always a learning curve because even people like Isaac Newton and Albert AlbertEinstein were never right the first time, they conducted their researches, they’ve hit brick walls but they never gave up because they knew that the man who tried himself and failed is superior to the one who never did. Eventually they made huge breakthroughs. Life is not defined by odds at which how favourable the conditions are, if this was so then we would continually be hibernating and aestivating with an aim of looking for green pastures. We cannot hide from challenges, hence in life we must not wait for the storms to pass but we must learn to dance in the rain.

During the previous years there’s always been this believe that it’s impossible to obtain 100% in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. But there has been a person who was able to achieve this exceptional standard for the first time, since then countless people were able to attain that standard. So this left me with a conclusion that people will only set a goal worth achieving only if there is evidence that that magnitude of a goal has been achieved before. Why can’t we just aim for the impossible the first time round without hesitation? One thing you must ask yourself is that if they could do it then what’s to stop you from doing it even bigger and better than how they’ve done it. Be the first to do the undoable if you must. Don’t be like a teabag which only knows its strength when it’s in hot water- instead be strong always. Don’t be like a fire cracker which needs a light source in order for it to ignite –instead ignite on your own.  Don’t be like an old hard drive which needs to be formatted in order for it to remember the brilliant memory capacity it has – instead strive to acquire more brilliance than to question it. Don’t be like a feather which moves in whichever direction that the wind blows- be like a rock that isn’t easily shaken by others. Don’t be like a domestic dog – instead be like a wild lion which knows what survival of the fittest means. Don’t be a follower- instead be a leader. Don’t be known as there has been but be known as what is.

But there’s a philosophy which I discovered…I’ve realised that when a man is presented with something there is always at least two ways in which he can interpret it. Elaborating the context further, let’s just say that it’s you and I.  You may see an obstacle as a difficulty but I can choose to see it as an opportunity. You can choose to see a forest full of mahoganies as a business opportunity but I can choose to see it as a beautiful wild life sight. The point I’m trying to establish is that you must always try to find positivity in everything, irrespective of how tormenting it may be, because the moment you let anything mess up with your spirit is the moment that you are opening a path for that issue to multiply through. Rather be a wise person who sees an opportunity in every difficulty than to be ignorant person who sees a difficulty in every opportunity.

Ok let me give you some food for thought. After seeing a person pull off a spectacular achievement, how many people do you know that always ask that ‘’How on earth did that person pull that off?’’. I bet that you will say many. And why is it always like that? Well this proves another philosophy that ’’a lazy man will always ask a question that the wise have answered a thousand years ago’’. Well if you are one of those people that always ask that question, let me relieve your curiosity my friend, it’s purely hard work and nothing else. It’s amazing how such a small phrased word on paper has a gigantic effect in real life – “hard work” or “work hard”.

Now moving right along I just want to make you aware that nothing is ever final, be it that it’s success or failure. I’m going to give you two options and their pros as well as cons:

  • Option 1: Working persistently will decrease your failure, double your success and triple the probability of the success to be final and long termed.
  • Option 2: On the other hand being an indolence worker will decrease your success, double your failure and triple the probability of the failure being final and long termed.

The choice is yours! 

6 Replies to “MOTIVATION: Inspiration For Your Studies”

  1. I am very inspired.We end up being bitter in life because we are lazy to work hard towards achieving our goals and when we see others succeeding, with tend to think God is not fair. I like what you said ” life throws at you what it knows you can catch”, this is very true. Thank you so much for taking time to write this,such is wisdom. Looking forward to the many articles that you are yet to write,i hope you were planning to write more.If not,this is me saying continue writing.

  2. That’s awe-inspiriting.Indeed this emphasizes the fact that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.You are a hero.You’ve just taught me not to live awaiting death to make history but to make history alive like never before…

  3. I specially made time to read this because I understood the importance of this message. You were actually talking to me. But funny enough I have just awaken a part of me that has been sleeping for way too long. I spent 2 weeks this holiday asking myself tough questions, like who am I? What do I want from this life? What do I want to be remembered as? The more I asked the more I realised that I didn’t know who I was. Here I was studying towards a qualification that I didn’t even understand the immense number of opportunities it offers and what it had taught me. I was stuck!!! But not anymore, spending time alone in solitude made me realise what I wanted! I’m 22 I had to figure it out one way or another. But what you said really touched me and made me realise that this life we live in is not for he faint hearted! We need to work hard for the people and things we love!!! So here I am saying thank you for these words. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Keep on reminding us to be great, because life sometimes makes us forget… Thank you

  4. A bit late, but nonetheless I’ll still comment. I feel exactly how R Kelly felt when he believed he could fly, thanks for the inspiration I really needed that upliftment.

    P.S “The harder you work the luckier you get”

  5. Every time I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work i have to put in to achieve my academic goals, I read this article and i immediately get the motivation to press on.

    Thank You, Wilson, this will forever be relevant.

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